We are Sudansh Incorporation for Import, Export and Trading, based in Gujarat, INDIA and has been established since 2010. are fully engaged in the salt trade exportation from the beginning of our establishment. Our company management and handling by Mr. S.P. Santosh, as Propreitor – professional in the field of commercial business and expert salt exporter/trader.

Sudansh Incorporation Company is in propreitorship and owner of south india in the outskirts of Tuticorin and in full operation ever since. With trading and processing plants built and erected many years ago, supplying local market of gujarat, covering tuticorin in off seasons, and overseas trade, is the first line due to huge demand - contributing to the economy of our state as well as country.

By year 2012, we concentrate on the bulk trading, and succeeded being known to gloablly worldwide markets for raw salt, industrial salt, free flow salt, super fine salt and washed salt for maintenance in malayesian, chinease, taiwanish, korean markets respecticvely. We carried on the same line of trading/indenting, and every season - we find new contracts while maintaining the previous year's buyers. This year is a boost on our shipment, gaining trust from buyers with referrals on our honest way of dealing and seriousness in our job responsibilities.

Our team of management composing of more than 10 people in the field n factory, with 5 staffs for the marketing and shipping, is more than enough to make us operational at all levels. We are financially stable and can manage to handle our shipments with no problems.

Sudansh Incorporation's trading cum export business is fully equiped and operational by propreitor itself with a close supervision in quality n purity results, with banking experiences as to financial terms and conditions had been an exporter/trader on pharmecuitical, agricultural and mineral products, and other sectors where export is concerned. Her expertise and involvement in the exportation of mineral products, made our company boost on the salt market. Her wide knowledge of the product by research and experiences, explore our connection with many buyers for salt, from Europe, UK, Africa and Middle East.

Our team of professionals work hand in hand for the success of our endeavors, and we consider our company an asset to the world market in many services we had offered and in many products we had supplied.