We Portcall Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd., the registered maritime house and shipping hub, which is one of leading shipping organization in Indian MNC portfolio, The company has earned high reputation in the field of shipping fraternity for NVOCC Operations, Freight Broking, Custom Clearing, Acting Agents for Container Lines, Port Agencies, Commercial Ship Management, Bulk/Break Bulk Chartering/Broking, Trading and Port Agencies. Over the last 2 years, PSCPL has distinguished itself as a reliable partner to the global shipping community. Our customers range from global Fortune ample of corporate companies to small privately owned businesses. Our goal is to treat each client with a paramount level of professional, reliable and efficient service. PSCPL conducts itself with the highest integrity and ethical standards in order to protect the confidentiality of each customer and the confidence they place in us. The relationship with our customers is built on a foundation of trust that has brought us to where we are today. We value these partnerships and view them as the core of our business. These alliances have led us to new frontiers and challenges as we grow and succeed together. PSCPL will never rest on past laurels. We know that we have to meet the new challenges that come to us each and every day with the same energy, enthusiasm and professionalism we are known for. Whether your company or shipment is large or small, PSCPL is committed to you, setting the highest performance standard in our industry.


While PSCPL is typically known for our expertise in the handling of break-bulk and project cargo, we are also capable of handling containerized cargoes. Our close owner’s versatile fleet of bulk/break bulk vessels allows us to handle most types of bulk cargo conveniently and safely, while remaining cost effective. Accommodating individual needs, we are capable of calling many private and mill dock facilities that larger bulk vessels are unable to navigate. This advantage alone allows us to offer more choice and flexibility when it comes to the size and the nature of the shipment. PSCPLPL knows no limits when it comes to offering our clientele the most diverse array of services and choices. We are reliable when moving your cargo and delivering your goods to their destination always using the utmost care and perfection


PSCPL is exclusively expertise in marine hardware, ship repairs, and all kind of marine equipment supply throughout all the gateway INDIAN seaports. The core identification of our marine optimums is on quality and time bound basis. We adore things on very professional way with keen interest to fulfill Ship Owners requirements at any onboard circumstances at shore or whether it may be on mid sea. We are attending all MARINE job works through highly trained and technical certified man powers respectively.


PSCPL has a tradition of high governing standards. PSCPL STATUE out the structure and roles of the governing bodies. The organization’s more detailed “Corporate Guidelines” cover the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, its Director/CEO. The purpose is independence and control in governing PSCPL, while at the same time ensuring equal terms for equal representatives. The General Meeting is PSCPL’s highest authority. All representative, staff, collogues have a right to attend, and votes are distributed according to each member’s gross tonnage entered with the organization.


As the millennium turned, the port agencies, bulk vessel fixers industry faced insufficient premium levels. As a medium-sized club, PSCPL responded to the challenge with a clear strategy: A major restructuring, strong emphasis on costs, member selection and pricing and reserve building - while still meeting the needs of its members. A dedicated staff and a lot of hard work have made these efforts successful. We are committed to provide total logistics solution to the customers with a professional touch and grade out the trend setters in the industry. We aim to provide quality round the clock with 24 x 7, 365 days service in all ports of India and provide latest Information and updates to its customers enabling them to make Right Decision at Right Time and Right Place exclusively. We are now seeing the results: a positive balance, a positive technical result, higher reserves and not least, an improved Standard & Poor rating to A-; positive outlook. PSCPL is better prepared than ever to help members mitigate the many risks facing them in a constantly more complex business environment.


The objective of PSCPL’s personnel policy is to recruit resourceful, professional and socially skilled employees who are adaptable to change and have a potential for growth. We wish to develop our employees’ skills so that each employee achieves optimal results for which she/he feels valued. Our goal is to plan for, recruit and retain staff that at any given time best meet our members’ needs.

PSCPL Today:

• Corporate Office in Kandla Port, Gandhidham/Gujarat, and incorporated in allover Indian gateway ports.
• Highly dedicated employees, willing to go the extra mile for our members
• Agencies n incorporative offices staff members have seafaring experiences.


Where does the name PSCPL come from? It gateway mythology has several powerful entrance, who weave the threads of destiny. We prefer PSCPL, because she represents the future. Thank you in advance for your anticipated response.